Aero, fast and lightweight

We’ve designed our brand new RC ICON 999 collection to be the ultimate performance cycling kit. The items you choose when you want to go fast, when speed is everything, and your performance on the bike matters most.

RC ICON 999 Jersey
RC ICON 999 Jersey
As low as €199.90
  • Grey Stripe Celeste
  • Celeste Stripe White
  • Black Celeste
RC ICON 999 Glove
RC ICON 999 Glove
As low as €59.90
  • White Celeste
  • Grey Celeste
RC ICON 999 Bib Short
RC ICON 999 Bib Short
As low as €249.90
  • Slate Grey

999: the number of great racers

In 1952, Bianchi’s specialist racing department, Reparto Corse, began numbering its frames with 999, starting at 999001. These frames went to team riders and great racers like Coppi and Anquetil. 

Today, the 999 device can be found prominently within the RC ICON 999 range, representing the performance aspect of our new Bianchi Milano collection. 

RC is Reparto Corse, the racing division dedicated to engineering exceptional products in the pursuit of excellence.

The iconic celeste colours

Respecting the history of our well-known brand and its prestigious racing connotations, we’ve designed our range around the iconic celeste colours but with a modern spin to appeal to the modern rider. 

The iconic broad chest stripe that has been a part of our DNA for decades immediately marks out the jerseys as born from a prestigious and privileged lineage.

Italian designed cycling kit

The RC ICON 999 range is Bianchi Milano’s first drop, presenting high-performance, Italian designed cycling kit, from the minds and creative genius of the Reparto Corse racing division.

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